An Anonymous Podcast For Sexually Active, And Dormant, Women

Afterthot is a safe space for women to dissect their sexuality without any feelings of judgment/shame/fear

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    The Medicinal Thot

    I sit down with Hot Girl* and learn that her mother went with her to buy her first vibrator, she’s been on birth control since she was a child, and her dick appointment prep includes taking her vitamins.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Instagram Thot

    I sit down with Sapphire* as she remembers when she dated two dudes at the same in college, reflects on educating her mom on IUDs, and gives tips on how to trap on Instagram.

    *All names are fictitious

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    The Celibate Thot

    I sit down with *The Continent and learn that she tries to approach dick with strategy, how she's coping with the lessons learned from first beginning her sex life, and when she decided to stop having sex.

    *All names are fictitious

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    The Reckless Thot

    I sit down with Prospect Princess* and hear how she was taught to masturbate by a childhood crush, why she stopped counting sexual partners, and when she babysat the daughter of the man she had an affair with.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Apologetic Thot

    I sit down with Patriana Jones as she shares details on her failed attempt at public sex, the apology she wrote to her vagina, and her new book, Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love.

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    The Accepted Thot

    I sit down with Rae as she tells me about how her Barbies had sex with each other, why she was shamed during a gynecological exam, and when she contracted genital herpes.

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    The Sugary Thot

    I sit down with Art Mami Moni* to hear about anti-climactic sex of her past, her stints as a sugar baby, and when she grieved with her mom about losing the biggest penis she ever knew.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Traveling Thot

    I sit down with Broken Pussy* and find out she was taught how to masturbate by a distant cousin, loves role playing, and implemented a one-body-per-country mandate when visiting Europe.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Masculine Thot

    I sit down with Sasha* and learn how heavily her father influenced her sexuality, that her life changed following an orgasm, and why she didn’t enjoy sex with a friend.

    *All names are fictitious.

  10. Thumb 1542305154 artwork

    The Dom Thot

    I sit down with Kash* to hear how she grew up in a strict Muslim household, handles borderline personality disorder, and came to love dominating men.

    *All names are fictitious.

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