An Anonymous Podcast For Sexually Active, And Dormant, Women

Afterthot is a safe space for women to dissect their sexuality without any feelings of judgment/shame/fear

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    The Definitely Gay Thot

    In this episode I speak with Koshayla* who was raised in the Catholic church, began a 6-year relationship from a Halloween hookup, and only needed one sexual encounter with a man to confirm her homosexuality.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Party Girl Thot

    I sit down with Teyana* for a lesson in her sexuality that includes teachings from her Nigerian father, kissing a gold-star gay, and sex parties.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Unashamed Thot

    I sit down with Africa* to hear how her parents’ openness with sex would influence her own ideology surrounding it.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains topics of sexual assault.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Explorative Thot

    I sit down with Vegan Pussy* to have her share her intent to even further explore what sexuality she's been comfortable in since she's been met with it.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Adulteress Thot

    I sit down with Ava* to hear about her positive views on promiscuity, and regretful views on being The Other Woman.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Christian Thot

    I sit down with Micah Ramsey* to gain understanding into her sexuality that was heavily influenced by her conservative, Christian, and small town upbringing, and is now influenced by her own more forward thinking.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Hoeing and Growing Thot

    In this episode I sit down with Nini Hadid* as she details a more sheltered introduction to sexuality, a stint as an erotica author, and her plans for personal hoe growth.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Post-Grad Thot

    I sit down with Ebony* to gather facts on her sexuality blooming not as she earned her undergraduate degree from a top party school, but after when a single hookup turned her to a housewife.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Come-and-Go Thot

    I sit down with Fabrielle Union* to discuss how she spent her adolescence a tomboy, and her adulthood a woman with a sexually active status that comes and goes.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Virgin Thot

    I sit down with Ruther* to dissect how her sexuality has developed as she has maintained her virginity all of her 25 years.

    *All names are fictitious.

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