An Anonymous Podcast For Sexually Active, And Dormant, Women

Afterthot is a safe space for women to dissect their sexuality without any feelings of judgment/shame/fear

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    The Masculine Thot

    I sit down with Sasha* and learn how heavily her father influenced her sexuality, that her life changed following an orgasm, and why she didn’t enjoy sex with a friend.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Dom Thot

    I sit down with Kash* to hear how she grew up in a strict Muslim household, handles borderline personality disorder, and came to love dominating men.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Sheltered Thot

    I sit down with Sticky* who tells me of when she first contracted and spread an STI, how she has difficulty orgasming with her man, and why she was taught tampons are the devil.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Dry Thot

    I sit down with Valerie* to hear how she has gone years without sex, had a 36-hour relationship, and works to curb her tendencies to hyper-romanticize hookups.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Handy Thot

    I sit down with Sirena* and learn that she was first aroused through scenes from novellas, had a friend watch on as she had a threesome in South Africa, and loves giving hand jobs where she can.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Divorced Thot

    I sit down with Shonte* to find that she has experienced one boyfriend who would become a stalker, two physically abusive partners, and three decades to craft a sexual liberation that don’t quit.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Lost Identity Thot

    I sit down with Nikki* to hear how LL Cool J introduced her to the idea of sex appeal, how deeply she were intertwined with her college football boyfriend, and when she had her first time with a woman in a public restroom.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Chat Line Thot

    I sit down with Wakanda Princess* for stories of watching porn at her grandma’s house, abortion after rape, and how she slid in DMs before social media existed.

    *All names are fictitious.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains topics of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

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    The Pure Thot

    I sit down with Lion* and find she completed a purity class, gave away her virginity the following year, and loves an ample booty.

    *All names are fictitious.

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    The Muslim Thot

    I sit down with Jewel* to hear how she claims and questions her queerness, believed the orgasm were her own get-rich-quick scheme, and once broke a bed with a gentleman caller.

    *All names are fictitious.

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