An Anonymous Podcast For Sexually Active, And Dormant, Women

Afterthot is a safe space for women to dissect their sexuality without any feelings of judgment/shame/fear

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    The Therapy Thot

    I sit down with Cardi Lee and confirm she feared masturbating for years, she introduced her man to golden showers, and she is definitely in therapy.

  2. Thumb 1561642653 artwork

    The Medicinal Thot

    I sit down with Hot Girl* and learn that her mother went with her to buy her first vibrator, she’s been on birth control since she was a child, and her dick appointment prep includes taking her vitamins.

    *All names are fictitious.

  3. Thumb 1558025628 artwork

    The Instagram Thot

    I sit down with Sapphire* as she remembers when she dated two dudes at the same in college, reflects on educating her mom on IUDs, and gives tips on how to trap on Instagram.

    *All names are fictitious

  4. Thumb 1553179991 artwork

    The Celibate Thot

    I sit down with *The Continent and learn that she tries to approach dick with strategy, how she's coping with the lessons learned from first beginning her sex life, and when she decided to stop having sex.

    *All names are fictitious

  5. Thumb 1552633513 artwork

    The Reckless Thot

    I sit down with Prospect Princess* and hear how she was taught to masturbate by a childhood crush, why she stopped counting sexual partners, and when she babysat the daughter of the man she had an affair with.

    *All names are fictitious.

  6. Thumb 1549555510 artwork

    The Apologetic Thot

    I sit down with Patriana Jones as she shares details on her failed attempt at public sex, the apology she wrote to her vagina, and her new book, Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love.

  7. Thumb 1548956115 artwork

    The Accepted Thot

    I sit down with Rae as she tells me about how her Barbies had sex with each other, why she was shamed during a gynecological exam, and when she contracted genital herpes.

  8. Thumb 1548955838 artwork

    The Sugary Thot

    I sit down with Art Mami Moni* to hear about anti-climactic sex of her past, her stints as a sugar baby, and when she grieved with her mom about losing the biggest penis she ever knew.

    *All names are fictitious.

  9. Thumb 1544123331 artwork

    The Traveling Thot

    I sit down with Broken Pussy* and find out she was taught how to masturbate by a distant cousin, loves role playing, and implemented a one-body-per-country mandate when visiting Europe.

    *All names are fictitious.

  10. Thumb 1543519217 artwork

    The Masculine Thot

    I sit down with Sasha* and learn how heavily her father influenced her sexuality, that her life changed following an orgasm, and why she didn’t enjoy sex with a friend.

    *All names are fictitious.

  11. Thumb 1542305154 artwork

    The Dom Thot

    I sit down with Kash* to hear how she grew up in a strict Muslim household, handles borderline personality disorder, and came to love dominating men.

    *All names are fictitious.

  12. Thumb 1541695388 artwork

    The Sheltered Thot

    I sit down with Sticky* who tells me of when she first contracted and spread an STI, how she has difficulty orgasming with her man, and why she was taught tampons are the devil.

    *All names are fictitious.

  13. Thumb 1541087261 artwork

    The Dry Thot

    I sit down with Valerie* to hear how she has gone years without sex, had a 36-hour relationship, and works to curb her tendencies to hyper-romanticize hookups.

    *All names are fictitious.

  14. Thumb 1540505617 artwork

    The Handy Thot

    I sit down with Sirena* and learn that she was first aroused through scenes from novellas, had a friend watch on as she had a threesome in South Africa, and loves giving hand jobs where she can.

    *All names are fictitious.

  15. Thumb 1539873059 artwork

    The Divorced Thot

    I sit down with Shonte* to find that she has experienced one boyfriend who would become a stalker, two physically abusive partners, and three decades to craft a sexual liberation that don’t quit.

    *All names are fictitious.

  16. Thumb 1539873131 artwork

    The Lost Identity Thot

    I sit down with Nikki* to hear how LL Cool J introduced her to the idea of sex appeal, how deeply she were intertwined with her college football boyfriend, and when she had her first time with a woman in a public restroom.

    *All names are fictitious.

  17. Thumb 1533833675 artwork

    The Chat Line Thot

    I sit down with Wakanda Princess* for stories of watching porn at her grandma’s house, abortion after rape, and how she slid in DMs before social media existed.

    *All names are fictitious.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains topics of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

  18. Thumb 1530199609 artwork

    The Pure Thot

    I sit down with Lion* and find she completed a purity class, gave away her virginity the following year, and loves an ample booty.

    *All names are fictitious.

  19. Thumb 1529625499 artwork

    The Muslim Thot

    I sit down with Jewel* to hear how she claims and questions her queerness, believed the orgasm were her own get-rich-quick scheme, and once broke a bed with a gentleman caller.

    *All names are fictitious.

  20. Thumb 1529625125 artwork

    The Juicebox Thot

    I sit down with Brianna from Juicebox to discuss her sex-positive app, her first road trip to a sex shop, and growing up queer in Tennessee.

  21. Thumb 1528383239 artwork

    The Strapped Thot

    I sit down with Peaches* to learn about her mom accepting her sexuality since she still dates men, her first kiss with a woman, and her strap-on.

    *All names are fictitious.

  22. Thumb 1527179801 artwork

    The Kinky Thot

    I sit down with J.J.* to discuss her tiny vagina, her huge support system that is her mother, and her being a part of the BDSM community.

    As a trigger warning, the following conversation contains topics of sexual abuse and violence.

    *All names are fictitious.

  23. Thumb 1525358755 artwork

    The Fiery Thot

    I sit down with Anal Fire* to hear about how sexuality wasn't discussed in her immigrant home, how she'd go on to dabble in sex work, and, of course, how she came to appreciate anal sex.

    As a trigger warning, the following conversation contains topics of sex around minors and sexual abuse.

    *All names are fictitious.

  24. Thumb 1524146680 artwork

    The Non-Monagamous Thot

    I sit down with Kayla* and find she doesn’t believe in sexual monogamy, does believe in her love for her man, and when she accidentally slept with a Trump supporter.

    *All names are fictitious.

  25. Thumb 1523545762 artwork

    The Been Through It Thot

    I sit down with Melissa* to learn about her first threesome, her last time getting stood up, and that one time she got freaky with a bike.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains discussion around sexual assault.

    *All names are fictitious.

  26. Thumb 1523545114 artwork

    The Woman-Loving Thot

    I sit down with Sonia* to listen in on how she first denied her sexuality, regrettably had sex with men, and had a threesome in a bathroom.

    *All names are fictitious.

  27. Thumb 1522938715 artwork

    The Dual Role Thot

    I sit down with Treasure* to hear how she came out to her grandma using beginner’s Chinese, accepted her sexual orientation, and how heteronormativity still plays a role in her dating all genders.

    *All names are fictitious.

  28. Thumb 1522938598 artwork

    The Cuffed Thot

    I sit down with Alex* to hear how she hid a porn obsession from her parents, psyched herself out and into a pregnancy scare, and when she met her man.

    *All names are fictitious.

  29. Thumb 1521126690 artwork

    The Fat Thot

    I sit down with Keke* to talk fetishes, familial influence, ice cream flavors, and fatness.

    *All names are fictitious.

  30. Thumb 1519908920 artwork

    The Definitely Gay Thot

    In this episode I speak with Koshayla* who was raised in the Catholic church, began a 6-year relationship from a Halloween hookup, and only needed one sexual encounter with a man to confirm her homosexuality.

    *All names are fictitious.

  31. Thumb 1519315231 artwork

    The Party Girl Thot

    I sit down with Teyana* for a lesson in her sexuality that includes teachings from her Nigerian father, kissing a gold-star gay, and sex parties.

    *All names are fictitious.

  32. Thumb 1518703162 artwork

    The Unashamed Thot

    I sit down with Africa* to hear how her parents’ openness with sex would influence her own ideology surrounding it.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains discussion around sexual assault.

    *All names are fictitious.

  33. Thumb 1517528307 artwork

    The Explorative Thot

    I sit down with Vegan Pussy* to have her share her intent to even further explore what sexuality she's been comfortable in since she's been met with it.

    *All names are fictitious.

  34. Thumb 1517526523 artwork

    The Adulteress Thot

    I sit down with Ava* to hear about her positive views on promiscuity, and regretful views on being The Other Woman.

    *All names are fictitious.

  35. Thumb 1517525343 artwork

    The Christian Thot

    I sit down with Micah Ramsey* to gain understanding into her sexuality that was heavily influenced by her conservative, Christian, and small town upbringing, and is now influenced by her own more forward thinking.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains discussion around pedophilia and sexual abuse.

    *All names are fictitious.

  36. Thumb 1517523622 artwork

    The Hoeing and Growing Thot

    In this episode I sit down with Nini Hadid* as she details a more sheltered introduction to sexuality, a stint as an erotica author, and her plans for personal hoe growth.

    *All names are fictitious.

  37. Thumb 1518703269 artwork

    The Post-Grad Thot

    I sit down with Ebony* to gather facts on her sexuality blooming not as she earned her undergraduate degree from a top party school, but after when a single hookup turned her to a housewife.

    *All names are fictitious.

  38. Thumb 1518703254 artwork

    The Come-and-Go Thot

    I sit down with Fabrielle Union* to discuss how she spent her adolescence a tomboy, and her adulthood a woman with a sexually active status that comes and goes.

    *All names are fictitious.

  39. Thumb 1518703235 artwork

    The Virgin Thot

    I sit down with Ruther* to dissect how her sexuality has developed as she has maintained her virginity all of her 25 years.

    *All names are fictitious.

  40. Thumb 1527034655 artwork

    The Live-In Thot

    I sit down with Mya Monroe* to discuss the delayed arrival of what sexuality would lead her to begin sleeping with a roommate.

    *All names are fictitious.

  41. Thumb 1518703197 artwork

    The Queer Thot

    In this inaugural episode I sit down with Bree* to discuss how she has navigated her black queerness while maintaining a longterm, heterosexual relationship.

    As a trigger warning, the following material contains discussion around pedophilia and sexual abuse.

    *All names are fictitious.

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